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Thanks guys!

The wood is making my tank water quite dark(tanis* color), and proving to be a PITA to work with! Having second thoughts on it. :/

It has created a lot dead spots for crud to build up, and for some reason it seems my filters are having a hard time picking up particles... my Eheim 2217's output is VERY weak.

Even with my Maxijet-600(which is most likely overkill for a planted tank, it sends my tank into a tornado. lol) All I can do with it, is point it towards the surface to keep the tank in some type of circulation.

All this leads me to a few questions...

Do I even need to have a decent circulation in a 75 gallon planted tank?

Would taking out the Substrate Pro and replacing it with foam help with my 2217's output?

What would you do with this piece of wood? It really looks the best in its current position, otherwise it doesn't have that much character.

Sorry for no picture updates.. BUT!

The Angelfish were sold a few days ago.

And the eggs made it! The parents had moved the wigglers into the roots of my vals, and it has been a few days now with them down there.. I am expecting swimmers any day now!

Bolivian Rams make everything better.

75 gallon Bolivian Ram tank Journal
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