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DK tries to pull herself back on topic. While she awaits the dobie pictures' arrival. Crystal, DK needs pictures of yours, too. DK needs. We need a Moose in the thread.

Next up: pictures of the installed Cashew Jar Department Stores.

We have drilled the lids with holes for the input tubing. Each department store twin gets Water Factory III inputs in the first of the two cashew jars, and then an air line in both of the twins.

We are working with a concept of RESIDENCE TIME. We increase this by making the labyrinthine pathway for the input water, such that it has to traverse some things until it gets out of the "store."

The rough conceptual equation for degassing is:
RESIDENCE TIME x degassing rate x increase in temperature
= amount of degassing that occurs.

Today, we are just talking about RESIDENCE TIME, in this post. How DK manipulated the residence time from somewhere under 15 minutes up to 24 hours, in a live feed system. OHHHHHHHHHHH, how DK loves to manipulate, heh heh heh...

First, the input water is fed into the BOTTOM of the first jar. It fills the jar from the bottom, up, until it reaches the bulkhead between the twin jars, at which time it overflows into the bulkhead.

The bulkhead between the twins is fitted with tubing to the bottom of jar 2 so when the water starts coming into jar 2 it goes to the BOTTOM of jar 2 and then rises, again until it hits the level of the exit bulkhead, that exits the "store."

The WFIII cycle and input rates are calibrated such that one WFIII cycle fills one of the twin jars.

So (CYCLE) -> jar one fills.
Next (CYCLE) - > water from jar 1 is pushed into and fills jar 2, while jar 1 is filled with new input.

It isn't until the THIRD cycle, which is 24 hours later, that the original input water is now pushed out of the department store twins and down the output, into the Mermaid tanks.

Thus, the department store twin jars, with a certain water input rate, have bought us 24 hours of RESIDENCE TIME.

TIME is the first thing needed to pull gas out of water.

OK, this post is long enough, so more later. Ponder the diagram, and think of the concept of RESIDENCE TIME. This concept becomes useful for another aspect to be discussed, later.


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