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Well, I believe that I've narrowed down why/how my inline heater is leaking. This past weekend I received a few plant orders in the mail. I decided to go ahead and plant them, so I unplugged the canister filter to limit the water movement during the process. Unfortunately, I forgot to plug it back in when I was finished. That tank sat for about 24 hours with only the Koralia circulating water. Sounds pretty innocent until you take into consideration that I left the hydor inline heater plugged in the entire time.

When I got home from work yesterday afternoon, I sat down to take a look at the tank. I noticed a spec of something flowing through the tank. As it passed in front of the spray-bar of my xp1, I noticed that it didn't get pushed by the current of water coming out of the holes in the spray-bar. That's when I realized that I had left it unplugged. I plugged it in, watched as the built up CO2 was pushed out and water began flowing again like normal.

I then left to go meet with my family to pick up some venison that I had processed after going hunting a couple weekends back. When I returned home from that trip is when I noticed the water collecting on the top of my canister filter.

After doing a little research last night, I'm convinced that the glass tube within the hydor broke when the colder water from the tank came into contact with it after I plugged the canister filter back in.

I know that this is my fault, but I read that Hydor has a fail-safe protection feature that is supposed to shut the unit off in the case of a cessation of water flow.

Is that true? If so, do you think that I could have my unit replaced? Any advice/suggestions/comments are GREATLY appreciated and anticipated.



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