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One of my easterns almost always looks skinny. The others stay nice and plump........healthy and lookin great. The skinny one will eat just fine with the rest and then the next day he'll look skinny again. I feed them about 2-3 times a week, a varied diet of frozen blood worms, live red wigglers, strips of filleted / boneless herring, and frozen brine shrimp. he seems to act just like the others. any ideas??
It's most likely a high parasite load. Wild caught animals are really dragged down by these. I've never had to dose one of mine with meds, so I don't have any good advice for that. I would try searching here for anyone else who had similar issues : But keep in mind that if he's weak, the meds could kill him Some people prefer to wait and see if the load goes down while in captivity.
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