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Originally Posted by Blackheart View Post
This isn't too far from me. This place is like a complete dump. Don't even waste your time. There aren't hardly even any LFS around this area that have many plants, or even worthwhile plants

Ouch! Why do you consider it a dump? I don't really consider it a dump. I've been in there quite a few times and I don't think I've ever bought anything. To me I understand that places have to have products that people will buy but it's not the place has fish that no one else has. Plus I think the last time I was there I don't know if they had some of the lights off to make the tanks standout more or not. Let's just put it this way I wouldn't stop in if I didn't pass by it from leaving work to go home. There's other nice LFS that I would go to. That's just my two pennies.

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