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Wow, thats alot of nice plants! If u have drifwood hidden away I would start rescaping asap

Im a semi-beginner but have been doing low-tech for quite some while, even though I didnt put much thought into it the first years.

My favourite way to scape is to build a mound of gravel in a back corner (preferably left) and place the wood high. Then put the moss and high plants behind and beside it and also on the edges of the slopes, leaving the middle visible (so you can see theres actually a slope). It will create sort of a feeling of a jungle's edge.

How ever you decide to put it, I recomend keeping it asymmetrical. If your not from asia, you will be reading, and viewing things from left to right. If you place the high ground to the left the tank will feel somewhat like its opening up. If you place it to the right it will feel closed and more crowded. Both can be really nice.

Good luck!
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