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Originally Posted by chad320 View Post
Im curious about the Kessil light. Is that their arm/holder/clamp or did you get it somewhere else? How long has it been on this tank? Your tank look great. Id really like to try these lights but im really looking for some good confirmation that they will do everything a T5-HO will do.
Thats their "goose neck" mounting arm. And it works amazing. I wouldn't order a kessel without one. It gives you easy control of the light. You can adjust the distance from the surface and direction of focus with ease. I have had the light running for about 3 weeks now and have no complaints. None of my plants are dying and algae growth is minimal. So I highly recommend the light.

Originally Posted by tex627 View Post
Awesome setup! Try trimming the glosso, it'll promote horizontal growth! Keep up the good work! the tank looks really clean
Thanks for the tip.

You always think that after this next project your tanks will be complete...there is no 'complete' in this hobby. There will always be something new
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