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Thanks. I don't mind the discussion.

If you're wondering, these shrimp do have red markings on them when the shrimplets are hatched and they do fade away with age. Although there is one adult male that has a red spot just behind his eyes. It kind of makes him look like he has three eyes.

I was told the Rilis and Jellies/Velvets are the same thing. I got them because a friend owed me since I gave him a ton of Red Cherry Shrimp when his population started dying off and saved his tank so he repaid me by getting me these Blue Jellies to help boost my Blue Pearls' coloration. Now I have a variety of almost white/ice blue/blue jelly shrimp running around their tank. I'm not sure which breeder he used but they're definitely from Singapore. I saw the transhipping papers, they made three stops before finally reaching me.
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