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Thanks so much for all the words of encouragement and advice! I'm glad to see many people find these little guys as fun and cute as I do

The Amazonia has been in the 20L tank for 11 days now. It still has not stabilized, and I got it from a local LFS that advised I use it because our local tap water was bad for shrimp. My PH is 8.2 out of the tap, but then again, I read the rili's and natural bees can tolerate that Ph? Last I checked my ph was 6.5 in that tank with the amazonia.

I use Prime as a water conditioner. Still waiting on a TDS meter, DWP's water report says TDS is 242-311.

The last remaining shrimp in the 10G are looking quite flat/skinny? Does that make sense? They do not seem to acknowledge any of the shrimp food in the tank & the moss in there looks like it is dying. I wonder if that is because too much light? I have the tank under a suspended shop light with 2 T8 fluorescent bulbs. It sits about 5-6" above the water level. The planted 20L has the typical hood with a single fluorescent bulb and moss does fine in that.

Thanks for all the help, I so appreciate it! It's so frustrating & sad to see these little guys die
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