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Originally Posted by Geniusdudekiran View Post
Thanks, Jake! It certainly is, and it's a lot lower maintenance, as well (ahhh... ).

Good question. The light went off some ten minutes ago for the night, and I just got up to touch it to see for you. The bulb and fixture are cool to the touch. Tomorrow when it's running I'll do the same. I will say, though, that when I'm doing trims, if my arm makes contact with the fixture for even about a minute, it's not painful or a bother, just warm. So I would say that it has no significant impact on the temperature of the tank (not that it could get much warmer here for December, 76*F!).

And finally, I never really congratulated you on your new administrative duties, so congratulations!
It was about that warm today here in Auburn, AL, at least before the storm front moved through. Now it's cooling off. I swear, sometimes I wonder why I even bother having a heater in my tank. Idk if it will ever cool off this year.

What's that plant you're using in the back left? It almost looks like rotala rotundifolia maybe?
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