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Originally Posted by plantednano View Post
Tank is looking good.

Oh the joys of school!!! Watching the tanks is relaxing, (specially frogs, watching them hunt is better than tv), but having planted my first tank last night, I can confidently say i did not enjoy that. lol So tedious and time consuming.

The anticipation of getting the tank one step closer to the end goal was enough motivation to get me through a 12 hour day stuck in a cad lab. Balancing weight distribution in a 910 foot car carrier will easily make you lose your mind!

What is the setup you are using for your C02? I was going to do DIY on the tak i just set up, and then pressurized on another i planned on setting up in a few months. But this might end up being my only tank for a while so might as well spend the money for C02 to make my life easier.
Thanks! I'm using a Jaggedfury style paintball rig; easy, cheap, decently efficient, in combination with my ADA diffuser.

Originally Posted by @marko@ View Post
the majority of those CPDs are no longer with us as of 2 hours ago. kinda ironic you posted this just now...
check my thread if you want the grim details.

they tend to breed readily in aquariums, but also tend to eat their eggs and fry unless moved out quickly.
during the spring ill be raising a new brood of bettas, and if i choose not to make a F3 generation, then i may choose to make a CPD spawning tank instead. if i do and its successful, ill make sure to let you know.
btw, never got a pic of that p. helferi flower...
Ouch... will do. I have posted the photos that I promised on your Facebook wall, sorry it took me so long! Remind me next time, lol!

Mini Update

As I'm sure you can tell, the tank is essentially the same every week but filling in little by little, lol.

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