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Non photo update (though I may take pictures later).

I kind of regret not doing a longer dry start, or planting the HC better, either would have been a good idea. I think I have lost about 1/2 to 2/3rds of my HC from uprooting.

On the plus side, HC has transitioned and is a bright green, rather than the dull green it has been transitioning out of. I get a tiny bit of pearling but not significant. I may lower the light, or have a noon burst, as I absolutely love seeing my plants pearl. I know it's fine if they are not pearling but I just like the effect. I do think the lighting will allow for a tank that isn't a lot of maintenance if I keep it as is. Writing this so when I inevitably lower the light and add double the light on a noon burst and get algae, I can say that I told my self so when I get algae.

I may make a thread on this but I have a weird thing going on. I had this black algae on a bunch of my rocks in another tank. Didn't bug me. However, I am getting a small amount of this on the rocks that had it. I didn't clean my rocks. I am wondering if this algae can survive and go dormant. I can take out the rocks that have it (all small) and bleach them which I may do tonight. Kind of strange. This algae only appears on rocks and substrate, never on plants, have no clue what it is. Not problematic yet but I would hate for all my rocks to be covered in this stuff.

I also am getting a lot of film on the surface. I am thinking it's from the substrate which I reused from a tank with the same issue, no rinsing as I was hoping I could keep some beneficial bacteria. Not sure why it's there. On my last tank, even if I used my surface skimmer, it would come back. It always was way worse when I started a tank and would just be kind of noticeable after the fact. I know it isn't the brand of substrate because I have used it a lot without issues, I don't know if it is the cause.

Anyway, not concerned, just have minor issues that are kind of odd to me. No pics because their is less HC than the last, though now everything seems to be rooted well. I may take pics later if I have the energy, had a super fun weekend with friends and family but paying the price today with a huge hang over lol.
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