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ok, so, i realize that since i have no livestock in this tank, that i am essentially this little world's God. Don had me pondering ways to speed up growth in this tank. now, i know that many terrestrial plants can be forced into a vegetative state, where they do nothing but grow, grow, grow. the problem is, it requires lighting 24/7. now, i did do this for a couple weeks when i did a dry start, and it actually did work well. my question to you guys is this, how long of a light period and for how long do you think i could extend things before i ran into algae issues?

here's the specs......2 t5no bulbs, my shallow water is less than an inch and the "deep" just shy of 3". the lights are 8" above the tank, 21" above the water line and the top is sealed with a glass lid. the lighting is on a 12 hour photoperiod, which i just extended today to 14 hours. i would really appreciate some input on this one. i hate to go through all this work, just to muck it up because i'm a dope....LOL
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