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So would the "cool" white (blueish tint) LED be better to use than a blue one or warm white?

I'm thinking of getting some of the micro LED battery operated Christmas lights to use on my 75 gal or even the button sized LEDs.

And then I came across an RGB 40" flexible light strip on ebay (Item # 140800833119). I like that I can make it all blue or all yellow or blue/white, etc. Plus it has brightness control to dim the lights. What does anyone think of this product? I know this one is non-waterproof but I'd attach it to my light fixture which is well above the water. Would that be alright or would the moisture be too much for it?

I'm still trying to figure out the best way to go for the least amount of money & which color is best. I want mine to be a bit brighter than shown in the video so I can see my fish just a bit more.
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