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Originally Posted by dprais1
I'd lobe to know what substrate you are using, I have red flint but it is too lightfor my taste, but I like the fact that it is not all one color. what are you using?
the seller called it iron sand because it's heavy, but i don't think it's actually iron. it's just ordinary sand used for buildings here.

i don't know about red flint but if its too light it will be a problem at the planting stage. it won't hold your plant firmly.

and now unto the fish, some are not coloured up yet just added them 2 days ago

this is the real reason i want to keep pseudomugils. lfs here called it Pseudomugil sp red neon. probably a different color strain of Pseudomugil paskai.

Pseudomugil furcatus

Pseudomugil gertrudae, very active, it's hard to take their photos

Pseudomugil signifer, still young not yet showing their true form

not a Pseudomugil but i just can't resist adding them to this tank. beautiful fins.

i need a bottom scavenger for the leftover food

anubias algae cleanup crew

somehow i can't keep shrimps in this tank. they just end up dead within the day or two even after i acclimatized them first for hours. i read before that some cryptocorynes release some kind of chemical that's deadly for shrimps. is this true or something else kill my shrimps. i have red cheries in my other tank without crypts and they're absolutely fine.
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