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Originally Posted by Soothing Shrimp View Post
Old pianos are notoriously hard to keep in tune due to the loosening of pegs and stretching of strings.
We don't think we'll have that issue, fortunately - this piano was moved into the previous owner's condo, sat for 8 years in their condo unused, and was still nearly in tune. (The piano moved with them when they moved, it had been given to the mom in the condo as a child and she'd had it since her childhood, they moved it when they moved into the condo and had kids, but the kids didn't want to learn to play it, so they finally decided to sell it as it was taking up a good bit of prime real estate in their condo.) The Piano Guild Technician was amazed at the condition of the pins, and that it held tune through a move and then eight years. But he also said it's one of the heaviest upright pianos he's ever moved and it's the mass of the hardwood and iron string harp that keeps the tune to a large extent (barring loose pins).

After we bought it, we had the copper bass strings replaced, because it still had the original IRON wrapped bass strings from that era (1893), which produce muffled, inferior sound. So the new bass strings will need to stretch a bit before they settle, which of course throws the piano out of tune.

The new bass coppers sound beautiful - they resonate like a musical thunderstorm!


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