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Also, for those who are even as electronically challenged as I am (when it comes to DIY projects) you can use twist-on wire nuts to connect the wires together if you're not comfortable trying to solder.

They can be found at Home Depot online under this number 203708200.

Basically, the pump has 2 wires coming from it, and the power supply has two wires. The two wires on the power supply are just connected together by a rubber "sheath" and end at the part that plugs into an electronic device.

What you'd do is cut off the end that you'd plug into the electronic device, then using a razor or sharp knife slice the rubber sheath down the center between the two wires, separating them, then using wire strippers you can strip about an inch or so of the sheath off, exposing the wire inside.

Once done, you'd either use the wire nuts, or solder to connect one wire from the power supply to one wire from the pump, then do the same with the remaining wire on each.

I am assuming that the enclosure you buy from Radio Shack has to be modified a bit, seems a hole was made in it for the pump head to stick out of, and the wiring was all fitted inside of it, close up the enclosure, and done.

If you need more details about a specific part of that, I'm sure people can describe in further detail from there.

Hope that helps! And if I was wrong on any part, let me know so I can edit the post.

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