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glosso seems to be growing well. Changed the bulb to the 18w 6 days ago. Am noticing a difference. picked up some excel for my low tech tank. I am spot dosing any signs of staghorn on the older leaves this tank. The leaves that are hard to remove with scissors. I've increased the co2 as well. my only inhabitants are snails so I'm not concerned too much about gassing my fauna as I was before. But with the 18w light, the less co2 and nutrient demand. I imagine that the changes in staghorn growth will be more noticeable after two weeks. Once things start to settle in with the lower light intensity.

I've been manually removing any powersand that I had mixed up with the top substrate when rescaping the tank. I noticed what looks to be fertilizer balls mixed in with the powersand. not quite sure what they are. When I apply moderate pressure to them they burst. Any thoughts on what they are. I can only imagine they are part of the powersand. I hope. And not something to be worried about that has been growing in my tank.

Little bit of gda appearing. I had this algae before. Hopefully when the system balances out I will see a change in growth. I've been dosing richer than usual and run my photoperiod for 7 hours. Plants pearl within the first hour. They pearl much more quickly on Macro days and not as rapidly on micro days.

thinking about adding some dhg behind the rock. any thoughts?



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