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My 15 gallon jump back into the hobby!

Well, its been over 5 years since I owned a tank. Unfortunately with changing careers and moving, I had to give away my old 30 gallon tank. In any event, this is my start back into the hobby. I appreciate everyone's guidance as this tank comes together.

Here's a picture of the tank right now. It's still cycling and the water had a bit of a haze still. Plants need some time to fill in and grow before it gets to the right proportions. All critiques are welcome.

Here's the hardware breakdown:

15 Gallon 24" x 12" x 12"
Finnex FugeRay 24" LED light
Eheim 2213 filter
Hydor in-line heater


Rotala Indica (back left and right)
Green Wendii Crypts (mid-ground, small right now)
Narrow Leaf Chain Sword (foreground)


(5) Blue Tetras


Fluval Stratum Substrate

Thanks for looking!
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