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Ok, so I have some questions regarding algae.

First, when is it possible to add otos? Since I am getting some diatoms and other types of algae that to them would look like a feast, when is it possible to add them? When ammonia is 0? Nitrite and nitrate?

Second, the algae I am getting are so far only affecting the crypts. Even though they are doing their melting thing, I am seeing young and new leaves getting a thin layer of some sort of brownish algae. Its thankfully not BBA, or other types of filamentous algae. Its kinda like GDA except that it is brown and when you move your finger for example on the rocks, it creates a residue on the fingers.

There is also a root thing with the rotalas which you can see from the pics.

Here are the pics of the algae (sorry, close-ups are difficult). A thing to note is in the first picture, the leaf where you can see the brighter green is the leaf that had been wiped in only the middle for comparison. The algae was fairly easy to wipe. Hope someone can ID this and tell me how to solve these problems!!
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