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55 Gallon Blackwater

I wanted something low-tech and since I've really enjoyed my 20 gal QT that turned into sort of a blackwater by accident, I thought I'd devote another tank to that style.
Tank specs:
55 gallon, back spray-painted black, temp will be kept in the low 80's
Cascade 1500, currently running new filter floss, old filter floss from the 20 gal and carbon. (Will be replacing the carbon with peat once the wood clears up).
Pool filter sand, 2 large manzanita branches, couple of rocks and dried oak leaves
Eventually looking to stock crypts (not sure which species), pennywort, duckweed, and possibly Hygrophilia angustifolia, Hygrophila difformis, or Aponogeton natans.
Currently 6 ramshorn snails and 10 green neons cycling; eventually (still deciding) 1 mated pair of german blue rams, marbled hatchets, and some eques and/or purple pencilfish.
Here it is right after set-up:

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Here it is currently, after adding oak leaves, snails and neons:

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