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Here's a graphic illustration of the power of carbonation. This is the drain in a white ceramic sink. The sink and drain were brand new in 1997, not 50 or 70 years ago like it would appear.

The acidity of our well water, due to dissolved CO2, has eaten away the chrome plating on the drain. It has also dissolved the ceramic finish on the sink edge, leaving a tan edge that looks like a mineral ring, but is actually the opposite, it is an erosion due to acid of the outer coating on the ceramic. DK kicks herself for not paying attention and figuring this out years earlier - all her 1997 white toilets have a nasty looking tan water level ring... permanent, and no amount of any sort of cleaning will ever get rid of them!

Pretty strong stuff, coming from DK's well (until we added a treatment system a few years ago). However, due to WHAT the treament is, it is bypassed for the Water Factory III input, as the shrimp won't like the treated water, so the water that enters WFIII is the super-carbonated water, very low pH.

BTW - our piano teacher said our piano is in tune! We added a few gizmos to the piano investment, see below. It's so easy and cheap to get an iPod app for measuring sound freqency... makes DK wish there were something for light frequency so she could make her own iPod spectrophotometer for LaMotte testing... hmmmmm... hey Shrimptern 2.0... isn't that a great pipe dream??


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