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The Pseudomugil Tank

Some of you may recognize this tank. I have it for the last 5 years. Used it for keeping tiger barbs, one of the fish i love. This was the thread back then :
The Tiger Tank (56k)

After many rescapes and many various species i kept in this tank, i wanted to keep rainbows here. espescially the beautiful Melanotaenia trifasciata and boesemani. but i dont think my tank large enough for them, so finally decide to keep pseudomugils here. A genus of beautiful small blue eyes fish.

Here we go, the photos :

not much of a scape here, i only used this tank for a while to keep some of my favourite plants. no hardscape, just some plants here and there.

angled shot

top views
Anubias coffeefolia, it has been my favourite for years

Cryptocoryne wendtii brown

Cryptocoryne wendtii green

left side

right side, Cryptocoryne aponogetifolia

left area, i should remove those yellowing marselia later

mid area, the coffefolias are outgrowing cryptocoryne nevillii

right area, is where i put some anubias petite, and some other anubias plantlets

what do you think?
please leave any comments and suggestions

i will post everything about the fish tomorrow
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