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I'm pretty bias but the best, cheapest, longest lasting regulator is the one build yourself. It's worth doing some research. Well... I ain't gonna lie, it's a lot of research/reading. It's worth it though.

It's at least worth researching what all the components are and what they do.

There really aren't that many options for a regulator. The main three that will be thrown out there will be the Milwaukee, aquateks, (there's 3 of them) and maybe azoo. (Stay away from the really cheap fleabay only units.)

Other than those (they are the cheapest) you have gla which is about the only retailer left making their own. They have good customer service and a reliable yet a little overpriced (IMO) product. They probably have the best warranty. They also have many options. I would contact their customer service for advice on which one would be right for you.

Beyond what I've mentioned above, there are a couple custom builders here on the forum that will make you a nice unit. (cheap to full on stainless steal) That's a whole other animal though.
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