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there are three solutions for your setup:
1. get a different solenoid, now the available choice of solenoid is Burkert 2822 low power consumption solenoid in stainless steel.

2. find a 10-32 stainless steel 10-32 thick wall, hollow bolt or screw, so you can connect the manifold outlet(10-32) to the pipe bushing with this bolt/screw, the bolt/screw still hold pretty well due to it is thick wall.
I found some of these screws, only 1mm hollow/orifice, need a 3/8" heavy duty bolt cutter to take out the screw heads, so you know how sturdy this piece is.

3. metal work the manifold, poke a UNF port on it and find a right size adapter to connect it to the Ideal needle valve. (this option is not less than likely, need tools and know how)
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