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Originally Posted by greekquarist View Post
This is a great build log. Can you post some more plant growth pictures?

Also, are you planning on putting any fauna in the water section?
yup, i'll be posting pics in a few weeks. the setup is only a week old, so right now i'm watching plants die and melt off while they acclimate, which i expected. also, i'm starting to get a nice fungus growth on my wood and background. i actually wasn't expecting that for another week or two, but i'm fine with it molding up now.

i plan on putting a colony of shrimp in there. probably some form of neo, since it runs on room temp in a basement. but it also needs to be that way for the frogs. and since neos are pretty much indestructible, i'm gonna go that route. i'm in no rush. i don't think i am going to be putting frogs in here until maybe feb or march. and by that time, my tibee experiment might go well, and i may end up putting them in here. also thinking about a couple guppies, but not set on that yet.
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