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Originally Posted by jczernia View Post
Newman, did you lose any CRS I know you have some SSS. What do you use to remineralize you water?? Try Shirakura CA+ liquid minerals I get gH 6 and TDS 150-155.
Just don’t know what happened when I filled Amazonia everything went nuts. My gH went down TDS went up
I did lose 2 CRSs when i started to mess around the substrate in planting my plants. Never do this. kicks up too much garbage from the deep substrate and i guess the SSS are sensitive to the ammonia, sulfur, or w/e else is toxic to them. I lost one shrimp every time i disturbed the substrate. each time it happened on the day following the planting(one shrimp was lost). Disturbing the substrate is very dangerous. I'm not planting anything anymore luckily, so i shouldn't lose anyone anymore.

My current TDS is 171ppm and i still have to check my GH. probably 5dGH.
I use Mosura Mineral plus to remineralize. once i run out of it i'm going to try something else, like what you suggested.
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