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Originally Posted by LyzzaRyzz View Post
Thanks, Perchance! I'll actually be upgrading to a 15 gal, so the Bacall will change a bit, but not much. Also have a few plant orders coming in a well.
I have a mishmash of floaters, water sprite, amazon frogbit, duckweed, and my favorite, hygroryza aristata! I love the look of the roots, and so do the fish!
The floaters help me so much, taking up excess ammonia and nitrate, shading my other plants, because Im guilty of have horrible lighting schedule for this tank. I always forget to turn it off before I go to sleep, and end up turning it off when I get up at three am, it's off till I wake up, and one for a few hours before I go to work, then it's off til I come back. It's a bad schedule, but it works! The plants are thriving, I don't have algea [knock on wood!]'s by far my favorite tank!!
you should get a timer, helps the schedule thing quite a bit haha! and would u like some E. tenellus? i have a couple extra nodes from my 20g that i need to get rid of. stuff takes off once it take root.
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