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Originally Posted by andrewss View Post
I really like your layout - great work! the bright green background and the bright sand with the dominate middle rock(s) all tie together well not to mention the vivid colors from your betta - great job

Originally Posted by Borikuan View Post
I bought one of these tanks with the intention of de-rimming it. They are of much better quality than the Marineland 2.5g. The black silicone gives it a unique look. I like your "overgrown" rock theme, will try something similar with mine. Good job!
yea thats the exact reason i got this tank. the black silicone really sets it off. when i first bought it i was intending to de-rim it but i didn't want to chance cracking it haha.

Originally Posted by @marko@ View Post
i like your tank, and you betta.
however, i dont see a heater or filter...
thanks marko

yea i never run a heater or filter when ever i have a betta. my other betta ive had for almost 4 years with out ether and hes happy as ever. my tanks in my house stay at about 74 degrees maybe a little warmer so theirs no need for a heater anyways.

Originally Posted by ony View Post
Beautiful, a planted HOB behind the central rock would look great. Maybe add a small steel sword to match the grassy planting.
thanks, yea little steel sword would be an interesting addition haha.
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