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So, almost a month has passed (where has the time gone?!) since I set this scape up.

You may or may not be able to tell but the lights have been changed to 2900K and 6500K bulbs instead of two 18000K.

The vallisneria and hygrophila is growing in nicely, just started sprouting some runners. I bought some more staurogyne but it looks like it's growing anyway. I spread out the moss some more and its doing a lot better (some still attached with elastic band).

I've had one Black Phantom female die since and one of the males isn't eating but looks and acts healthy so we'll see what happens. Other than that, all is well! I'm having to be patient because I want the scape to 'bush out' so I can put in some kribensis and hopefully a group of red cherry shrimp. Over Christmas I'm going to purchase some plants for the two sides to really thicken out the plants so everyone can live together happily.
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