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I have two of the bristlenose plecos in my 150. They have just about put my nerites and pond snails out of business.

I have been tinkering with a low light system since around April with limited success. Very slow plant growth although most of the plants look decent, especially the swords and crypts. I bought some LEDs and I am just waiting on my new Sicce needle wheel pump and will be ready to hook up CO2. My Herbie setup has very little water movement in the sump. I have both overflows set to almost completely fill and they run separately to the sump and the water exits under the sump water line in T fittings as to slow down water agitation even more. I'm thinking/hoping to not have a CO2 degassing problem.

I am curious about what you said about shutting off your CO2 at night. If you have your controller set to turn off CO2 at 6.2 while not just let that take care of things? That is what I was planning to let my Aquacontroller do. What am I missing?
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