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Originally Posted by Geniusdudekiran View Post
High school. Exactly, stress relief is what our tanks are for, right? But if we have to work on them so much that we lose priorities in "real life" (), things only become more stressful. So having a tank that only needs minimal maintenance during the week and a water change and trim on the weekend fits my student lifestyle the most.
Well when you put it that way, then I guess it does fit my schedule. I do dose ferts 6 days a week, but that takes like a minute. It's only when I run into problems (algae, CO2 system issues, which are usually self-inflicted) that I end up doing stuff during the week. When I do trim, I usually trim on Friday afternoon or evening, then do my water change on Saturday morning. It's like clockwork. It feels weird if I don't stick to that schedule. If anything, I spend too much time with my face up against the glass like a little kid watching the shrimp swim around or looking at my schooling rasboras from across the room while spacing out. Lol.
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