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Been a while, time for an update on this tank. This tank still isn't where I want it to be. But am going to focus on making it successful since I took down the reef tank for a while.

Quick stats.

5 Blue Angelfish
10 Bloodfin Tetras
5 Otos (Approximate)

Few nerite snails and a bunch of small hitchiker snails

Jungle val
Amazon Sword
Bronze Crypt
A little Java Fern

I have been dosing my ferts regularly now. Doing the water changes as per EI says. Plants are looking a lot better. Been more generous with the nitrate fertilzer too. Very little cyano on the plants and driftwood. Still quite a bit on the substrate though.

I do have the plumbing switched over to the Herbie method which is a lot nicer for Co2 off gassing. I did add a koralia with about 400 gph flow so with 500 from my return pump I have 900 total.

As far as the Co2 goes I found that if run about 1.5 bubbles per second it just starts turning the drop checker green. This basically maintains the ph at 6.5. This makes sense according the ph/kh/co2 tables. I have it set up to shut off at night. Then the ph goes up to 7.0. So not too bad of a swing. I also have my reef keeper programmed to cut power to the co2 if ph gets below 6.2. So I think I have my perfectly calm sump working efficiently as far as co2 loss goes. 1.5 bps on a 90 gallon isn't too bad is it?

I'm thinking about adding some fish to up the bioload. I have a credit at live aquaria. Going to add some more otos, nerites, and a school of cories I think. Any suggestions on a what kind and how many corydoras? What about a bristlenose pleco? I am thinking they might help stir up the bottom a little. I also need to look into a few more plants.

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