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here are probably some of the final photos of this tank before I get the monster puddle in motion in January.
It's astounded me the growth I've had from this tank having gone from high tech tanks to this. I've always had crystal clear water, rarely any plant deficiencies at all and the inhabitants really seem at home in this set up.
As my friend said the other day when over, it's like a true piece of nature in my house which has given me the kick to try as well with the bigger one. ( which is even bigger than I originally was going to go :-) now 5ftx5ft ;-)

Here's a few tank shots from today

And a few of its inhabitants.... Peculiar though that I've some reason ended up with two small yellow shrimp in here....excuse the brown moss which has now gone ( it was over shadowed by emerged plants)

Mysteriously appearing yellows

There's also a black shrimp in here too but is near impossible to take a picture of.

My fave bee shrimp which sadly passed away for some unknown reason the other day.... All tank stats were fine :-(

I think it was partially due to a much bigger water change in prep for some crs that were being put in. Any thoughts???

Another peculiar patterned shrimp

One of the male paro's

And my favourite pic at the moment is of my male choccos in breeding season the colours are fantastic

I've seen some amazing breeding behaviour over the weekend and even spotted a female with what appears to be a mouthful of fry so fingers crossed she survives with her babies. I've got no chance of catching her and putting her in a small tank with the amount of growth in it.

Just like to say a big thank you to all the feedback everyone's given me on this tank so far. I will continue to give little updates until I begin the big one soon.

Thanks :-)

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