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Originally Posted by m00se View Post
I really love the look of your tank, with the white substrate and clean lines. It really sets the tone nicely.

As for recommending more LEDS - tough to say since you don't specify what you're using now, but if it were me, adding more light would cause me to consider how much more maintenance I'd put upon myself. More light = more growth = more messing...just my .01

I bought a cheap knock off of the Marineland 36"
The brand is beamworks 120 LED w/ 9 moonlights
It's supposed to put out 10K

I moved it to the front of the tank and like how it looks it shadows the back a little but it also helps hide wires and air lines quite nicely

I used to have 3 DIY cfls like your tank and loved it but the wife wanted a cleaner look I might put them back when I build my canopy

I love your planted tank my 55 was supposed to look like that but I'm not really happy with it
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