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Rimless Tank Cover Brackets?

I've got an Eheim Aquastyle 9. I've just started adding some Amano shrimp after a fishless cycle, and have found a problem. With the in tank filter located in the corner, the shrimp have been climbing up out of the water to the edge. I've lost one already that somehow escaped and made it across 10 foot of carpet only to die in my kitchen.

I've had the glass top on, but since I've got a heater with a fairly thick cable, the lid will not sit flat on the top as this one is designed. I'm thinking about buying a 12x12 piece of lexan/acrylic at Home Depot or Lowes and cutting it to fit with notches for the needed equipment that would still allow for a pretty flush fit. But I'm also trying to decide if there's a better way to support the top inside the rim of the tank instead of on top. This is also important since there are 12"x12" sheets available, where the stock glass top is a bit bigger to actually sit on top (12.25x12.25 or so).

I found some ADA rim brackets made from clear plastic for $10.50 shipped off of ebay, but I'm wondering if there are any other options I can make or buy locally that anybody's figured out. Often solutions are already there that some creative person has already found.

The front corners of this tank are curved, but it looks like the ADA brackets are made to handle that.

Any other suggestions short of replacing the top are welcome, too.
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