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So the first batch of T. candidi eggs did not appear to hatch, as the female gave up about 3 days in. I'm guessing the pH isn't low enough, so I've removed my purigen and added alder cones.. for next round.

A few new plants: Staurogyne repens, Bacopa monnieri, Bacopa australis, Saggitaria subulata, Sent a small patch of both Utricularia species submerged to see how they do.

Also added some new fish, which required a rescape, and an additional light: 10W led to the garden section of the tank...
1Pr. Apistogramma borelli <-- might move these guys to my office tank once that is set up.. we'll see
1Pr. Apistogramma bitaeniata peru
1 large amano shrimp
Oh I know, 3 pairs of dwarfs in a 20 L.. I'm aware, I'll keep an eye on things so don't worry (as an aside, Don't try this at home unless you have lots of experience with these fish, or spare tanks set up to move fish to!).


The Bit's alongwith the male borelli, he's a yellow face/blue body form, hard to photograph his true beauty but what a funny fish, he's taking on everything in the tank, but still is shaped like a jelly bean. The bitaeniatas look good, when the male goes on display, he has a royal blue face, red back, orange and turquiose and yellow fins! The female looks to be prepping to spawn.

Female borelli, this species can be hard to sex.

Good shot of the T. candidi pair.

Male borelli, he has some nice black edging on his dorsal and anal fin

Amano and Bit male

Utricularia species in a sweet planter

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