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Got a call from the hospital, and the surgery is now scheduled for early April. That seems so far away. I'm a lot less stressed about it now that I've had a week for it to sink in.

For those who want to know what the surgery is, read on. Not recommended for super squeamish.

My daughter has a fused suture, which is holding back one side of her forehead. The procedure to fix this is fairly straightforward. The surgeon will make a wave line incision through the scalp. The skin will be pulled forward off her head to expose the bone below. The skull will be cut, and the suture reopened. A bit of the bone will be cut out and used to remold the forehead out so that it will be symmetrical. Everything that gets cut gets held back in place with a neat sugar polymer plate (I wasn't paying too much attention at what exactly it's made of as my wife was bawling and I was about to pass out hearing the procedure). The skin is then put back in to place and stitched up. The skin will be healed in roughly 3 weeks, and the bone will be healed in 3-4 months. (I get queasy every time I have explained that. Doubt that will change). I made the mistake of Googling this. I came as close to blacking out and hitting my office desk as one can.


If anyone has a child with craniosynystosis/plagiocephaly, I would be interested to hear your experiences.

In tank related news, I've found the leak in my CO2 rig. The nipple is similar to the Milwaukee rig, where it has the raised face flange. The seal washers just didn't work with that, so I'm picking up a new nipple and changing it out. Growth is fantastic still.
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