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Originally Posted by Amandas tank View Post thing I should mention...they actually compete with my kuhli loaches. If the kuhlis don't eat fast, the MTS will smother the loaches food. I do hate that. I know many experienced aquarist say they only breed according to the amount of food fed to the fish. Not true in my experience. These things continue to breed and it is my opinion that I see them at all hours because there isn't enough food for them so they are constantly searching, stealing food from my fish.
I agree with your points here, feeding algae wafers or shrimp pellets to bottom dwellers becomes very difficult because the snails cover the food. And they don't breed according to the amount of food added because in the tank I wasn't adding any food to there were still hundreds of teeny babies floating on the surface every day.

Malaysian Trumpet Snails: JUST SAY NO!
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