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Today I picked up some jungle val and cabomba and got them in the tank. I also properly mounted the CO2 diffuser with a suction cup. DIY Jello CO2 is going strong at almost 2 weeks. Drop checker is nice and green.

I'm pretty thrilled with how it looks, and I can't wait for it to fill out more.

When I planted the val I disrupted a lot of soil. I noticed two things. First, it's a bitch to place plants on a steep slope of ADA aqua soil. It's very eager to tumble down hill. It'll hold a slope, but if you start disturbing it, it's tough. It's perhaps even more frustrating when you are planting through a tiny hole in the top of your tank and can only use 1 hand.

The second thing is that when you disturb aqua soil, it deposits a lot of dirt on your plants. I'm not sure how to clean this off, or if you just can't and it'll eventually go away after a long period of non-disturbance. I have no idea, but I wish my plants weren't dirty right now, because otherwise they look great. Does anybody have any feedback on the dirty plants?

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