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Still sicker than a dog...blah but I have been on here today trying to figure out something about lighting my tank. Anyway...they don't carry MTS here so I had some shipped to me last winter from a hobbyist. They seemed dead honestly but didn't smell foul so I put them in the tank and sure enough a few weeks went by and BAM! I got snails! More than I'd like to have. Some days I wish I hadn't ever got them, but they aren't that bad. I just need to keep up with them. I have given some to my LFS so they will start to sell them around here next summer I bet They will have so many they may just give them away!

So...if you decide to get have been warned. They will suprise you one day. You look in the tank and see a couple here and there, then another day you take a look and you see hundreds! Just imagine how many more ya don't see

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