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Originally Posted by freph View Post
I absolutely loooooooooooooooooooooove this tank. Especially the rock work. It's spectacular! Also, what filter are you using (name anything in-line that might be reducing the flow) and is it on full blast? I never had luck using the ADA Mini outflow on would always blow the living crap out of my soil lines on the opposite side. Craters within a minute or so.
Thank you so much I'm using Finnex px-360 rated as 95gPH. Yes it is on full blast but I can see reduced flow rate compared to my previous setup using same filter but different configuration. This is what I did for current setup:

There are two elbow connected for both inlet and outlet so that should probably one of the factors reducing the flow rate.

Then the filter is placed lower than the tank which is not recommended by the manufacturer. This is also reduces flow rate.

Now the reduced flow rate is actually a benefit because there is no more craters formed and my slope still looks intact. The plants float up before this probably because I did not plant them properly. At the moment, the flow rate is very nice (I can see debris circling around in the tank quite fast). However, it might change when the stem plants grow tall at the back.
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