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Yeah that's the smallest powerhead I own hahaha I also have two larger 20,000 L per hour ones I had to take out, of course. They're proper wavemakers with controllers so I could sell them for quite a bit.

Thanks! I didn't think anyone would like it. The blue is mainly because two 'daylight' bulbs failed recently. Had to order new ones online... Bought 2 Powerchrome Midday and Powerchrome AquaFlora... Hope they work well. They will arrive tomorrow, or at least the day after.

Notice there isn't really a foreground at this point... What would you guys recommend? I really like glossostigma, and can actually get it in my area.

Also, thanks for saying they look healthy! Though a few aren't all that happy. The Aponogeton Crispus in the center has melted a bit.

The really tall Anubias is new, also, wanted to put it on the peice of driftwood but because of that, the tallest leave touch the top of the water. Is that a problem?
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