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Okay To Mount Needle Valve Before Solenoid?

Is there any reason not to mount a needle valve before a solenoid?

The reason I ask is because I'm currently running a Burkert 6011 and it gets hot, really hot, and has started to hum. I'm running a SS Ideal valve after it. I'd like to switch to a Clippard Mouse solenoid as I've read mostly great things about them.

So is there any reason not to set things up in this order?

CO2 Tank -> Regulator -> Ideal Needle Valve -> Clippard 15490-2 Single Port Manifold -> Clippard Mouse EV-2M-12 solenoid -> 10-32 with hose barb -> check valve -> inline bubble counter.

Honestly I can't see how it makes any difference, but there's always that nagging feeling that you're missing something.

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