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Question Apisto experts?

I have a pair of triple red cacatuoides in my 79 G. Beautiful fish. I've had them since they were babies. The male is a couple of weeks younger than the female. Both are 4-5 months old.

I have another pair of gorgeous apistogramma bitaeniata maniti in my 10 G. They're adults. I just got them today.

I'm just wondering whether the male and the female are suppose to play nice together or is it normal for the male to chase the female off. Or bully her. Or nip her tummy. The females in both instances want nothing to do with the male or so it seems.

The b. maniti flares his fins (it's quite beautiful actually) and pauses when he sees the female, and then "attacks" her or swims to her quickly and she darts away.

Just wondering if there's anything I can do for the female? Or for the male to feel like aggressive?

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