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Oh, I have keei, Bill, but it is tiny and on the other side of the tank. You may be referring to the Red Metallic or the C. bullosa Bario? I would be happy to give you some or trade you for some. The keei will be ready in a few months.

I cut those flush ends just for you, bro!! Lol!!

Thanks! It's coming along nicely, especially considering the circumstances re: the UV Sterilizer and CO2 issues. Most of your big names have their plants or products displayed in here. But, I bought them and loved them!! I will have to make a list of the people that have made their influence felt in this system. Including you, William!

Octavus--- Thank you!! Many thanks!! The Oak leaves are nice, and provide a nice snack for my shrimp and the Stiphodon species in there. I have Indian Alamond Leaves en route to see if those might be better, but likely it won't matter much. I think it ties the system together fairly well.

Thanks Marioman!! I added the last of the stone this past week. To be honest, I probably should have taken it all out, and re-done the stacking job, but I think that, given time, it should look nicer when the various aroids take hold and start growing and spreading onto the rocks. It's ok for now. If it doesn't , I can always change it later!

Kwheeler---If you can wait until after New Years, I'll be happy to send you some of the various hygros that I have for free. I'll take care of the shipping too. Sound good?
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