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Originally Posted by ad3hybrid View Post
This is my first time growing the stargrass. I really hope it will grow nicely because it was heavily infected with hair algae when I received it. Most of them end up in the bin. I only selected the healthy shoots with least hair algae on it and plant them.

I'm not good dealing with algae. Before this, I just redo all over again if there is too much algae growing. And I don't want redo this tank all over again. haha
Yes, that looks like l. arcuata emersed form.

Also, stargrass will grow like a weed once it gets used to your setup. Idk so much about what to do about the algae though. It's definitely one of my favorite plants though. This photo was from a couple months ago, before I did a little bit of rearranging, thinning out, and trying to control an algae outbreak as well, but this is probably the best I have gotten it to look, I just haven't gotten it back to that level yet. I just had to have the genius idea to move it to a different spot just at the time all the other problems hit. Lol. It's the one on the left behind the blyxa japonica.
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