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Once you have them they're hard to get rid of. People say oh you're just feeding too much. Even in a a heavily planted 55 gallon that had no fish and therefore no food added they maintained a population of about 17 billion. The only way I've gotten ahead of them is with Assassin snails. There are others out there that hate them too. Including stories of attempts to bleach them, freeze them and dry them out. I have no idea why they don't breed out of control for some people. Maybe they like my water.

I've also noticed no benefit to having them. In tanks with sand that's 2 - 3 inches I still get icky spots in the sand. They don't seem to have had an affect on any type of algae I've dealt with.

I don't have any dirt tanks but, I just thought I'd make sure you knew that there are people that regret intentionally adding them to their tanks. Oh, also I've ended up infesting all my tanks somehow. Even my brackish tank and I thought they couldn't live in the salt.

Malaysian Trumpet Snails: JUST SAY NO!
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