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Eheim 2234 on a 6 gallon...doable?

I have a 6 gallon tank (see sig) with a Zoo Med 501. The flow is kind of light for me. I added a HOB (AC 20) for a totally different reason than filtration/flow. My Betta seems to love the flow.

Now I know that a 2234 on full blast will be way to much flow for this tank and I will have to throttle it back. The reason for a 2234 is purely that I already one one and it's just sitting around.

If you are only familiar with Eheim classics, it has a bit less flow than a 2215.

I would never buy this filter for a tank this small but I have one and, as said, it's just sitting around. Well, I am trying to keep it cycled on another tank but I don't care to keep it on anymore.

I know the downside is the potential for too much flow. The upside is it has a ton of biomedia for the tank size, is super reliable, and really quiet (not that my Zoo Med isn't super quiet and reliable).

I know the easiest way would be to just give it a try but I am hoping someone has feedback so I know if this is a bad idea before I try.
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