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Yes, I agree a very underrated fish for planted tanks. I had 16 outside for the summer. When I brought them in the color intensity was unbelievable. Very deep red on the males the female were a deep coper color. I put 2- trios in my 40. The most dominate male got a goldfish color patch on his nose when the females were gravid. I've had one spawn in the tank that I'm aware of and I have one, now 1" female that survived.

I offer Seaweed sheet strips 1 or two times a week. I get them 16 in a pack from PetCo but they look suspiciously the same as Nori sheets for Sushi.

They are living with Cherry & Amano shrimp without issue. I'm sure they pick off the Amano Zoe and the occasional baby Cherry shrimp. I al;so have a SAE and a few Neon problems there either.
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